Areas of Practice

At the center of every single personal and economic interest


The practice of the Firm, always concentrated on the full protection of the client and of his or her particular legal exigencies, is aimed at ensuring an optimal legal framework in all the specific areas of Civil, Family and Inheritance Law.


Legal consultations and support are performed in all phases of the legal process:

  • Preliminary, through appropriate assistance during the drafting of contracts and the regulation of agreements;
  • In-court, through the assumption of legal appointments for assistance and representation when appointed as legal representatives;
  • Out-of-court, through formal attempts to resolve conflicts via mediation and arbitration activities.

The principal sectors of practice include:

  • Civil litigation and Arbitration
  • International Law
  • Civil Law: Civil Liability
  • Family Law: Separation and Divorce
  • Labor Law
  • Business Law and Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate Law


Certified Public Accountants

Through a constant involvement of the parties engaged in delicate financial dynamics, the Firm provides routine and extraordinary support to businesses while paying particular attention to the applicable norms for tax and company issues, both in the national territory and abroad.

Business planning and corporate advising

  • Direct relations with the company for issues of a general nature
  • Assistance with contracts and negotiations for relations between partners and third parties
  • Out-of-court agreements
  • Company valuations and shareholdings
  • Company formation, drawing up of acts and resolutions, and company record keeping
  • Extraordinary operations such as mergers, transformations, divisions, liquidations, dissolutions, and company sales and transfers

National and international tax advising

Such services are expressed by advising and assisting in all economic processes and fulfillments related to direct and indirect taxes. In particular:

  • Assistance in operations of fiscal planning regarding Italian and international regulations
  • Drafting, filing and transmission of all tax returns and fulfillments
  • Opinions on business and tax matters
  • Advising and tax and accounting management for non-profit entities

Financial advising

  • Drafting of personalized, targeted investment plans, of variable duration, and integrated with strategic and fiscal policies of the company
  • Financial analyses of cash flows and returns
  • Analyses and identification of the most advantageous forms of investment


  • In-company assistance for management control systems
  • Legal audit of accounts
  • General and financial analyses of company economic, financial and asset performance, as well as corporate, administrative and tax diagnoses

Accounting and financial statements

  • Company domiciliation
  • Keeping of accounts, both simplified and general, via computer programs integrated with the tax management system
  • Interim financial statements
  • Financial reporting
  • Drafting, filing and transmission of financial reports for any type of company or organization

In-court and out-of-court appointments

  • Assumption of appointments for insolvency practitioners
  • Court-ordered liquidation
  • Advising for in-court proceedings
  • Assistance to companies in pre-court proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings and arbitration
  • Company liquidation

Administrative and Board appointments

  • Financial auditing activities following the appointment of, and acceptance by, the professional to the role of member of the Board of Statutory Auditors
  • Management control system activities following the appointment of, and acceptance by, the professional to the role of member of the Board of Directors

Tax litigation

  • Analysis of the possibilities inherent in tax litigation of any order or grade
  • Management of processes and sponsorship at the headquarters of the provincial and regional Tax Commissions

Administrative filings

  • Assistance at the offices of the Tax Authority for registration, modifications and other acts related to Direct and Indirect Taxes
  • Assistance at the Chamber of Commerce for registration, modifications, filing of company appointments and certificate requests

Do you need a consultation?

The Studio Legale Avvocati & Dottori Commercialisti provides legal consultation for issues related to Business and Tax Law as well as auditing, in both national and international spheres.

We operate in all phases of the legal process- preliminary, in court and out of court- and we aid private individuals in various branches of Civil Law and guarantee a consolidated experience in Business Law and Company Bankruptcy. We also offer the maximum professional assistance in the drafting and controlling of accounting, balance sheets, contracts and investment plans.