Our experience tailored to your needs


Among the numerous sectors of legal expertise, the Firm offers many years of experience in issues related to Civil Law, such as Family Law, Arbitration and Litigation, assuming the defense of private individuals while safeguarding economic interests and inter-personal relationships.

  • Litigation and civil liability
  • Separation and divorce
  • Property and Inheritance Law



Following established companies in routine activities with the highest level of legal assistance has always been one of our professional goals. Moreover, we provide daily consultations to financial institutions and private equity funds for the most delicate financial operations.

  • Financial advising and company planning
  • Auditing, accounting and financial statements
  • Administrative, in-court and out-of-court engagements


Due to an excellent academic background and solid technical training, the Firm has worked side-by-side with important Italian and foreign clients in complex international business arbitration affairs, European Union litigation and other issues of a financial nature.

  • Fiscal planning, tax declarations and fulfillments
  • Drafting of tailor-made investment plans
  • Assistance with extraordinary financial operations


Do you need a consultation?

The Studio Legale Avvocati & Dottori Commercialisti provides legal consultation for issues related to Business and Tax Law as well as auditing, in both national and international spheres.

We operate in all phases of the legal process- preliminary, in court and out of court- and we aid private individuals in various branches of Civil Law and guarantee a consolidated experience in Business Law and Company Bankruptcy. We also offer the maximum professional assistance in the drafting and controlling of accounting, balance sheets, contracts and investment plans.